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This last weekend I made a trip down to Las Vegas for the final round of the 2009 Monster Energy Supercross Series.  It was an amazing weekend and experience.  It was my first opportunity to shoot a Supercross Event with press credentials.  I would like to put out a special thank you to Brian Robinette and his family for being great hosts for the weekend.  Thanks for showing me the ropes of shooting at an event. 

Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend in Las Vegas.   For a full gallery of this weekends event, CLICK HERE.


The pits of a Monster Energy Supercross race are closed to the public at 6 pm to allow the riders and teams to prepare for the night’s main events.  I myself had never been a part of the pits after 6 pm.  At Round 17 of the 2009 Monster Enery Supercross Series in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the privilege of a media credentials for the event. I had all access to anywhere I wanted to go.  I wanted to see for myself what really went on behind the scenes of a Supercross event “after hours”. 
After the heat races and last chance qualifiers were all finished up, I decided to head for the pits during the intermission while all eyes were on the halftime Freestyle MX show.  I expected to get down to the pits and find a buzz of people surrounding the team trailers as the most hyped up main event of Supercross history was about to go down.
On the contrary, the place was like a dark ghost town.  There was a strong, erie wind blowing through the pits and the dust created by the wind formed crazy halos around the very few lights that existed down there.  Leftover newspapers and garbage from the day’s pit party tumbled across the trampled grass.  Dust devils swirled around and I swear a tumble weed went blowing by me.  I was virtually the only one walking around.  I questioned myself if I was supposed to be there.  Truly an erie feeling when not more than 300 yards away there is a stadium filled with more than 30,00 screaming fans waiting to see the battle go down between James Stewart and Chad Reed for the championship.
In front of each team’s trailer there was limited movement.  The teams gear and pit area had been 75% torn down and packed away for the night.  The bikes just seemed to chill in front of each trailer patiently waiting to be put to work.  Riders were locked up tight and cozy in their motor homes mentally preparing.  Only the lone mechanics were out putting a wrench on each individual nut and bolt and tidying up any loose ends on the bikes before the riders put them to battle. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the Seattle Supercross 2009.  To view the whole gallery from Seattle CLICK HERE.