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1st Try…..

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Here is my first experiment with astro time lapse photography. Yes, I understand that this is very short, BUT this is the work of two nights worth of photographing 1,300 frames. Each of these shots I set up after 10 pm on a clear night. The moon can be your friend or your enemy on shoots like this. In photography, I believe in shooting with what nature gives me at the given moment.

On the first shot of this sequence, that is the moon moving across the sky as it lights up the landscape well after midnight. At approximately 9 seconds, there is a plane that travels through the middle of the sky leaving a contrail. As the contrail moves in front of the moon, it casts a moon shadow across the landscape.

I set my ISO to 1600 so that I can keep my shutter speeds relatively fast, otherwise you will end up with more of the star trail effect when shutter openings approach 1 minute or longer. At ISO 1600 and an f/stop of 4.0, I shot with a shutter opening of 30 seconds.


A creation from the dark depths of Super Rat Racing, Egg Salad was a Bonneville contender for 2011, accomplishing a top speed of 113mph. Carl Bjorklund, the fabricator behind Super Rat gives a brief description of his work of art in this short film showcasing the bike. Egg Salad is powered by a 500cc Rotax motor mounted in a Knight Flat Track frame. Carl hand built the metal faring that encases the motorcycle.

This short film is intended to show case this bike using footage that was filmed for a feature documentary about Super Rat and their first trip to the Salt for the 2011 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials. Look for more to come on this epic journey to the salt.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS
Edited with Final Cut Pro 5.1

For many years I have been in awe of time lapse video and photography. I started shooting time lapses 11 years ago by setting up a video camera on a tripod for an hour at a time and then speeding the footage up by over 1,000%. The results were fun, but by no means as spectacular as other forms of time lapse out there.

After delving into the world of photography many years later, I learned that time lapse is actually generally shot using still photography shot by shot over the course of sometimes many hours or days.

Now into the photography world I have enjoyed setting up quick random time lapses of random things. It is a cool way to tie both of my passions together by creating video with photography.

One day, a good friend of mine and fellow videographer, Michael Carey, turned me onto a few names such as Tom Lowe, Tom Guilmette, Eric Kessler, Philip Bloom among many others. These fellows are on the leading edge of time lapse photography. What these guys are doing with time lapse photography is simply amazing. Completely impossible to put into words so watch this video to see with your own eyes:

Watching the films that these guys have put together has turned me on to a whole new type of photography, and a whole different form of video. Astro time lapse photography. Where the camera captures over a period of time, the rotation of the earth and the stars traveling through the sky as if earth, our planet, is on fast forward through space.

I am now on a quest to experiment and learn this type of photography. This is a game of understanding the calendar, dodging weather, and avoiding light pollution. It’s also a game of determining the PERFECT camera settings and mapping out great shots. I look forward to sharing and explaining the settings of what works and what doesn’t. Follow along as I post about the trials and tribulations of such a journey.

On April 24, 2010 the Monster Energy Supercross series made it’s stop in Seattle Washington. With typical Washington weather, the track was soft and thick with mud. While the track looked great on the surface, it was a spunge of mud under. It made for some deep ruts by the time the Supercross premier class was through it’s main event. Here are a few of the shots that I got from the event.

Super Rat

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I have recently hooked up with the dudes at Super Rat in Bellingham Washington. I have offered up my photography abilities and they have offered up their network and motivation in the motorcycle industry and we put the two to work for each other. Carl and Mark Bjorklund are the masterminds behind Super Rat, from skateboards to custom built motorcycles. The style and craftsmanship that these guys pump out truly stands above all else. Here are some images that have derived from a few chill sessions at the shop.
This is the Triumph Trident Cafe Racer build by Carl, Mark and Young.

The custom oil tank and exhaust – completely hand crafted.

A video shoot with Ryan Stiles down at the shop.

Become a Fan…..

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DeRosa Photography is now on Facebook.  Click the link, become a fan and help promote my web presence. Within the next year I hope to expand my business solidly into Weddings, Portraiture and Commercial Architecture.  Thank you for your support.
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Last month I worked with Exxel Pacific General Contractors to photograph their newly finished Mural project built for Harbor Properties. Mural is a 130 unit residential building in West Seattle with 5,300 sq. feet of ground floor retail. To capture the uniqueness of the West Seattle neighborhood, Mural is a tribute to the 11 historical murals that celebrate the neighborhood’s heritage. Here are the photos that I took of the building. The photos are now being used for marketing and promotional uses by Exxel Pacific and Harbor Properties as well as The Fresh Bistro, a restaurant on the ground floor level of the building.

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