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It’s not just a destination, it’s a journey. Death Valley is a unique and desolate place. The range of landscapes and climates that are in the national park are widespread. One of my favorite places to visit in Death Valley National Park is the Racetrack Playa. Traveling 40 miles north of the nearest form of civilization in the park, you reach the end of the pavement where one is greeted with a sign that reads: “HIGH CLEARANCE 4X4 RECOMMENDED”. From there you make the 30 mile trek down a very rough dirt road, around a range of mountains, passed Tea Kettle Junction, to a completely different valley and climate. Welcome to Racetrack Playa, an ancient lake bed where rocks mysteriously move across the dried playa leaving a mark of their travels. For those who make the journey to what seems like the ends of the earth, can sit and listen to nothing but their own heart beat while they sit and visit with these “moving rocks”. It’s a very unique place. It’s an amazing place. I’ve been twice now and it won’t be my last. These rocks and the mark they make upon the earth makes for amazing photography. Enjoy.






As a fan of the world renowned photographer, Peter Lik, I have enjoyed watching his video series as he travelled around different parts of the country taking photos of the most amazing places on earth. A couple of months ago, a friend and I took a road trip into the interior of Oregon. While traveling on a distant back road highway that the Garmin had taken us on through some of Oregon’s beautiful country side, I spotted the sign for Proxy Falls. I was ecstatic to be following the footsteps of Mr. Lik. Proxy Falls, Oregon is an amazing site. I’m thankful to have stumbled upon this.


Working with the weather in the Pacific Northwest can be rewarding as a photographer. For this shot, the weather nearly killed our photo outing. As we arrived at the parking lot of the trail head to this location, it was raining cats and dogs. Eldad tried hard to talk me out of the hike down to this dock in Bellingham Bay. I was persistent. Sure enough by the time we got to waters edge, the weather already began to break and allowed the sunset to shine through on the backside of the passing storm. With my Canon 1D atop my Manfrotto tripod, I dialed in my exposure using my Singh-Ray neutral density gradient filter over the brighter areas of the photo. I shoot shots like this using my Canon remote trigger.


There is something about shooting photography in the midst of mother nature’s fury that adds an immense amount of adrenaline to the moment. After spending the weekend in Winthrop Washington enjoying the warm weather of the eastern half of the state, we headed back over the mountains. With the many trips I have made through this pass I have seen the most unbelievable shows put on by mother nature here in the Skagit River Gorge. The ever turning weather in the canyon mixed with a sunset can be an amazing experience here. On this day we came around the corner to see this scene unfolding before us! With out hesitation the car was stopped and the camera was high atop the tripod. The wind was just roaring through the valley, across Diablo Lake and up the cliff that I was perched on. The wind hit me so hard at one point that it literally took my breath away. With the clouds virtually boiling, the light rays were dancing across the surface of the lake. Standing there with mother nature breathing her fury down while I capture all the glory is a feeling that I am at a loss of words on how to describe. I can honestly say that the most exhilarating moments that I have had while enjoying photography have been while facing mother nature’s magical elements. In turn, the most exhilarating moments that I have had while facing mother nature’s magical elements have been while capturing it all with my camera!

One aspect of photography that I love is ‘living in the moment’. When you are in the right spot at the right time, you can experience amazing things happening in nature. It’s not something that happens everytime. It’s never anything you can predict. It’s never anything man can create. But when you are there and it i…s unfolding right there before your eyes, you know you have been blessed with a special moment. As a photographer, being able to capture moments like this in an image is what I live for! This night my borther Chris and I went out for a cruise in the v-dub. We happened upon this scene unfolding at a golf course about two hundered yards from my drive way. We were at the right spot at the right time!

The Horse – Backstreet Choppers magazine has been known as the largest selling chopper motorcycle magazine in the world. Soon after I started shooting and posting photos of Super Rat Performance and their Triumph Trident Cafe Racer, exposure of the bike spread world wide and The Horse caught wind of it. They were soon knocking on our door and asked to do a feature on the bike. We put together a photo shoot of the bike in downtown Bellingham and two months later the mag rolled hot off the press with a feature of Carl’s, Mark’s and Young’s build. The magazine featured 4 pages of Carl’s article and the photos that I shot in Bellingham on that cold, blustery day. This goes down as my first magazine publish as a professional photographer. It’s very exciting to have made my first appearance in such a high profile publication. Thank you to everyone who has been involved.

For high resolution scans of the magazine feature, visit the Magazine Feature Gallery at

A week ago, I was working with the Carl, Mark and Young over at the Super Rat Performance shop shooting some video of the new Triumph Trident Cafe Racer that recently rolled off their 3 man production line. It had been years since I have had the ol’ video camera out and shot video instead of photography. Even though I had been hiding from the miserable chaos of video production for several years now, I had a rather good time shooting a moving picture again.

After shooting some high speed passes of the guys on the Trident Cafe Racer, for one reason or another, an idea instantly popped into my head. It had dawned on me that I should challenge myself and see if I could get these 3 guys to sit still in front of the camera long enough to tell their story of building this bike. As if I really needed another challenge…? So we all sat around and talked about the bike for an hour with the camera rolling. With a good chunk of interview footage and a plethora of photos, I could envision a story beginning to materialize. For the next week I buried my head into Final Cut Pro and pieced together the story of this bike and the 3 guys that built it.

As I made my way through the editing, the racer and the photos of the racer continued to gain major exposure around the globe. With 3 possible magazine deals knocking on our door, we realized that this movie could really help bring the bike full circle with a multi-media experience. Not only are people now able to experience the bike through the many photos and blogs that have mysteriously made their way around the world, they will be able hear the story straight from the builders themselves AND see the bike in all it’s glory of performing.

I am now starting the task of getting out the word globally to all the blogs that have featured my photos and Super Rat’s Triumph Trident Cafe Racer. Here is the video for you to see. Please leave your comments and MOST OF ALL.. Enjoy!