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This last weekend I made a trip down to Las Vegas for the final round of the 2009 Monster Energy Supercross Series.  It was an amazing weekend and experience.  It was my first opportunity to shoot a Supercross Event with press credentials.  I would like to put out a special thank you to Brian Robinette and his family for being great hosts for the weekend.  Thanks for showing me the ropes of shooting at an event. 

Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend in Las Vegas.   For a full gallery of this weekends event, CLICK HERE.


The pits of a Monster Energy Supercross race are closed to the public at 6 pm to allow the riders and teams to prepare for the night’s main events.  I myself had never been a part of the pits after 6 pm.  At Round 17 of the 2009 Monster Enery Supercross Series in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the privilege of a media credentials for the event. I had all access to anywhere I wanted to go.  I wanted to see for myself what really went on behind the scenes of a Supercross event “after hours”. 
After the heat races and last chance qualifiers were all finished up, I decided to head for the pits during the intermission while all eyes were on the halftime Freestyle MX show.  I expected to get down to the pits and find a buzz of people surrounding the team trailers as the most hyped up main event of Supercross history was about to go down.
On the contrary, the place was like a dark ghost town.  There was a strong, erie wind blowing through the pits and the dust created by the wind formed crazy halos around the very few lights that existed down there.  Leftover newspapers and garbage from the day’s pit party tumbled across the trampled grass.  Dust devils swirled around and I swear a tumble weed went blowing by me.  I was virtually the only one walking around.  I questioned myself if I was supposed to be there.  Truly an erie feeling when not more than 300 yards away there is a stadium filled with more than 30,00 screaming fans waiting to see the battle go down between James Stewart and Chad Reed for the championship.
In front of each team’s trailer there was limited movement.  The teams gear and pit area had been 75% torn down and packed away for the night.  The bikes just seemed to chill in front of each trailer patiently waiting to be put to work.  Riders were locked up tight and cozy in their motor homes mentally preparing.  Only the lone mechanics were out putting a wrench on each individual nut and bolt and tidying up any loose ends on the bikes before the riders put them to battle. 

Endurocross… Ever heard of it?  Take all the crazy tough, hardest obstacles that you come across on an enduro course, put it together on a supercross style track in front of a crowd of people, and you’ve got… Endurocross.  Enormous Logs, huge chunks of concrete debris, walls of tires, mud holes and gates full of motocross riders make up a night of Endurocross racing.  While a typical enduro race goes down deep in the woods or far out in the desert making it hard for spectators to enjoy, Endurocross racing is engineered to bring enduro racing into the laps of the spectators.  Racers in Endurocross don’t just ride to the finish line… they crash, bang, flip and fight their way through what looks to be an impassable course.  It’s spreading like wild fire throughout the motocross industry and Mr. Mike Hurlbert and his team of organizers are bringing this sport home to Hannegan Speedway.  With 10 rounds of Endurocross competition set for this years schedule of racing it’s sure to be a huge hit with racers as well as spectators.  CLICK HERE FOR EVENT SCHEDULE AND INFORMATION.

Hannegan Speedway Endurocross

Hannegan Speedway Endurocross

Hannegan Speedway Endurocross

Hannegan Speedway Endurocross

Here are a few of my favorites from the Seattle Supercross 2009.  To view the whole gallery from Seattle CLICK HERE.






James "Bubba" Stewart - Seattle Supercross 2009 Supercross in Seattle has been a tradition of mine since 1999 when I watched Jeremy McGrath for the first time in person in the Seattle Kingdome.   He won the ’99 Seattle Supercross on his way to winning the championship that year.  Ever since I have not missed a Supercross that has been held in Seattle.  Unfortunately they skipped Seattle for a few years between the Kingdome being torn down and the newer Qwest Field being built.   My 6 year old son, Jaydon, looks forward to the race in Seattle all year long.  This year my 2 year old son, Trenton, was old enough to tag along and experience this amazing show. With my quest in becoming a photographer in the Motocross/Supercross industry, this Seattle Round provides me an opportunity to get some portfolio shots of the industry.  It’s close to home and there is not a huge travel expense.  However, trying to be a Dad, a photographer, and a spectator all at the same time is a huge undertaking.  Actually it’s more like impossible.  That is where I need to give a huge thank you to my wonderful girlfriend, Dani, for her amazing patience and help as she entertained my boys while I took some time to run the stadium and snap off a few shots.  My Brother, Chris and his Fiance, Amanda were a huge help too.  While dodging the ever annoying Qwest Field staff, who feel the need to harass every person with a “professional” lens and no media pass, I was able to get only very few angles of the track.  It was certainly not my best performance but at least I have a few pieces to show some magazines.  

On Sunday,  Mr. Brian Robinette, a photographer who has established himself very well on the Supercross circuit, joined Eldad Efendi and I up in Bellingham for our bi-weekly Sunday shoot.  Brian was in town from southern California to cover the Seattle Supercross.  He wanted to see the beautiful Northwest scenery and shoot a bit of landscape photography.   Our Sunday shoot turned into about 12 hours of about photography and the motocross industry and about 20 minutes of shooting.  Because if we are not shooting photos, we are at least talking about them!  Thanks again to Brian and Eldad for a fun day of talking & shooting photography.

The 2009 Monster Energy Supercross Championship race is being deemed as the best race for a championship ever for a season of supercross.  James Stewart has been considered by many to be the fastest man on the planet on a motocross bike.

James Stewart - Washougal 2008

 Defending Champ, Chad Reed is known for his consistency throughout a season.  

Chad Reed - Las Vegas 2008

As we head into round 15 of 17 at Qwest Field in Seattle, James Stewart has 7 more main event wins in 2009 than his rival Chad Reed.  However, Reed has the lead by 5 points for the championship.  So it all comes down the remaining 3 races, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and the final round in Las Vegas.  The action is heating up and De Rosa Photography will be in Seattle to capture it all in Round 15.  Check back soon for updates and photos

“There is a point in every person’s life when they must choose to follow their dreams or be stuck in the life they fear.”  – unknown

It has been a life long dream of mine to be involved in the professional motocross/supercross industry. I have worked really hard in pursuing an oppertunity to shoot photos for a professional event. Getting into this industry as a photographer is 75% of “who you know”.

So, determined, I set out to make my connections. While at the 2008 Las Vegas Supercross and Washougal National, I clung on to every opportunity I could get to talk with anyone in the industry. I made some friends and got some email addresses. I used them to my advantage and made connections. I sent many-a-photo and many-a-email to the editors of the major motocross magazines. They are a tuff nut to crack but I finally got someone to respond.

Bryan Stealey, the managing editor for Racer X Illustrated, has agreed to provide me with press credentials for the 1st two rounds of the 2009 AMA Motocross Nationals. Racer X Illustrated has requested that they have first pick of my photos from the events.

So, on 5.21.09, Eldad and I will set off on a two week road trip to southern California. On 5.23.09, I will be shooting at Glen Helen Raceway for round 1 of the 2009 AMA Motocross Nationals. Round 2 will be the following weekend on 5.30.09 at The Hangtown Classic near Sacramento. I am very excited that the folks at Racer X have seen the potential in my work and am giving me the opportunity to shoot behind the scenes for their publication.


Ryan Villopoto at the 2008 Washougal Motocross National

Ryan Villopoto at the 2008 Washougal Motocross National - Copyright 2008 Chad DeRosa Photography


For the week in between, Eldad and I will take the opportunity to explore some of the desert around the southwest with hopes of some amazing landscape photo opp’s. We are hoping to spend some time on Ol’ Route 66 and also make some stops in Death Valley.