Weather in the Pacific Northwest

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Photography
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Working with the weather in the Pacific Northwest can be rewarding as a photographer. For this shot, the weather nearly killed our photo outing. As we arrived at the parking lot of the trail head to this location, it was raining cats and dogs. Eldad tried hard to talk me out of the hike down to this dock in Bellingham Bay. I was persistent. Sure enough by the time we got to waters edge, the weather already began to break and allowed the sunset to shine through on the backside of the passing storm. With my Canon 1D atop my Manfrotto tripod, I dialed in my exposure using my Singh-Ray neutral density gradient filter over the brighter areas of the photo. I shoot shots like this using my Canon remote trigger.


  1. Whoa…this is a really amazing shot!!

  2. I love the motion of the water!

  3. Rifqi says:

    Nice, I like the colours.

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