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For many years I have been in awe of time lapse video and photography. I started shooting time lapses 11 years ago by setting up a video camera on a tripod for an hour at a time and then speeding the footage up by over 1,000%. The results were fun, but by no means as spectacular as other forms of time lapse out there.

After delving into the world of photography many years later, I learned that time lapse is actually generally shot using still photography shot by shot over the course of sometimes many hours or days.

Now into the photography world I have enjoyed setting up quick random time lapses of random things. It is a cool way to tie both of my passions together by creating video with photography.

One day, a good friend of mine and fellow videographer, Michael Carey, turned me onto a few names such as Tom Lowe, Tom Guilmette, Eric Kessler, Philip Bloom among many others. These fellows are on the leading edge of time lapse photography. What these guys are doing with time lapse photography is simply amazing. Completely impossible to put into words so watch this video to see with your own eyes:

Watching the films that these guys have put together has turned me on to a whole new type of photography, and a whole different form of video. Astro time lapse photography. Where the camera captures over a period of time, the rotation of the earth and the stars traveling through the sky as if earth, our planet, is on fast forward through space.

I am now on a quest to experiment and learn this type of photography. This is a game of understanding the calendar, dodging weather, and avoiding light pollution. It’s also a game of determining the PERFECT camera settings and mapping out great shots. I look forward to sharing and explaining the settings of what works and what doesn’t. Follow along as I post about the trials and tribulations of such a journey.

  1. Doopers says:

    I bet I know an amazing atmospheric scientist who you could ask for tips and advice when it comes to the weather/pollution/etc..!! good luck cha tho de!!

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