A week ago, I was working with the Carl, Mark and Young over at the Super Rat Performance shop shooting some video of the new Triumph Trident Cafe Racer that recently rolled off their 3 man production line. It had been years since I have had the ol’ video camera out and shot video instead of photography. Even though I had been hiding from the miserable chaos of video production for several years now, I had a rather good time shooting a moving picture again.

After shooting some high speed passes of the guys on the Trident Cafe Racer, for one reason or another, an idea instantly popped into my head. It had dawned on me that I should challenge myself and see if I could get these 3 guys to sit still in front of the camera long enough to tell their story of building this bike. As if I really needed another challenge…? So we all sat around and talked about the bike for an hour with the camera rolling. With a good chunk of interview footage and a plethora of photos, I could envision a story beginning to materialize. For the next week I buried my head into Final Cut Pro and pieced together the story of this bike and the 3 guys that built it.

As I made my way through the editing, the racer and the photos of the racer continued to gain major exposure around the globe. With 3 possible magazine deals knocking on our door, we realized that this movie could really help bring the bike full circle with a multi-media experience. Not only are people now able to experience the bike through the many photos and blogs that have mysteriously made their way around the world, they will be able hear the story straight from the builders themselves AND see the bike in all it’s glory of performing.

I am now starting the task of getting out the word globally to all the blogs that have featured my photos and Super Rat’s Triumph Trident Cafe Racer. Here is the video for you to see. Please leave your comments and MOST OF ALL.. Enjoy!

  1. Momma-cita says:

    Ah, Chad, you will never cease to amaze us! Glad to see behind the video camera again, your videos were alway a hit. A great marketing partnership you all have created for each other. Bike is too cool! All of you, job well done!

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