Visiting La Push Washington… The Twilight Capital of the World

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Photography

This last weekend we loaded up Beast with a load of camera gear, camping gear and friends and we headed to the Olympic Peninsula. Our target was La Push Washington. La Push is a tiny little fishing village at the dead end of a road in the Olympic Natianal Park. While there is NOTHING in La Push, it has recently been over taken by wild and crazy teenage fans of the now world famous Twilight movies and books. Fanatics are making the trip from all over the world to come visit nearby Forks, and La Push. While none of the movie was actually filmed in these small, tiny towns, the story took place there. And that has been enough for people to travel for days, and weeks to come see all the craze. However, Eldad and I had other things on our mind other than running around with all the star crazed teenagers wearing Twilight shirts. We had light on our mind. We wanted to try out our shutter fingers on the amazing beaches and rock formations that La Push has been originally known for. At 5 miles from the coast, the weather was looking to turn out for amazing photography. The sun was out, it was warm…. PERFECT. However, given mine and Eldad’s luck for great weather for ocean photography, once we got to the coast line, it was socked in with fog. It was just like the place hadn’t seen sun for months. How disappointing to drive all that way and end up with that!! Especially since 5 miles back it was a nice sunny day. My theory on landscape photography is to shoot with whatever elements mother nature decides to give me for that particular day, so we messed around for a few shots. About 6:30pm, we were just settling into camp and had the camera gear all packed up, when we noticed the fog slowly breaking and clearing. Sure enough it continued to open up and reveal the amazing sunset that was happening behind the curtain. We quickly unpacked our camera gear and made quick work of the dying sunlight. It was a mad scramble to shoot what we could with the small window of time we had. Here is only a couple of what I got. There is more photos soon to come from the trip – just been busy with other projects…


1st Beach Rock

1st Beach Stump

  1. Laura says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement. I have been there and the scenery is just breath taking. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos.

  2. anna says:

    am interested in a wall mural size picture of la push. I own a store in forks and maybe able to help sell your photography. I currently have a rainforest mural, so it would be a nice addition. please let me know about price, am looking for at least 8feet coverage either vertical or horizontal

  3. hiroki says:

    you are very nice.
    beautiful,its gods precent.

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