Endurocross at Hannegan Speedway

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Motocross Photography
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Endurocross… Ever heard of it?  Take all the crazy tough, hardest obstacles that you come across on an enduro course, put it together on a supercross style track in front of a crowd of people, and you’ve got… Endurocross.  Enormous Logs, huge chunks of concrete debris, walls of tires, mud holes and gates full of motocross riders make up a night of Endurocross racing.  While a typical enduro race goes down deep in the woods or far out in the desert making it hard for spectators to enjoy, Endurocross racing is engineered to bring enduro racing into the laps of the spectators.  Racers in Endurocross don’t just ride to the finish line… they crash, bang, flip and fight their way through what looks to be an impassable course.  It’s spreading like wild fire throughout the motocross industry and Mr. Mike Hurlbert and his team of organizers are bringing this sport home to Hannegan Speedway.  With 10 rounds of Endurocross competition set for this years schedule of racing it’s sure to be a huge hit with racers as well as spectators.  CLICK HERE FOR EVENT SCHEDULE AND INFORMATION.

Hannegan Speedway Endurocross

Hannegan Speedway Endurocross

Hannegan Speedway Endurocross

Hannegan Speedway Endurocross

  1. Chris says:

    ha that looks like a great way to TRASH your bike!!!

  2. Eldad Efendi says:

    that looks like lots of fun..

  3. Ryan Garr says:

    Your Photography is awesome, and your blog hits the nail on the head about the concept and what were trying to bring to the NW!

  4. Momma-cita says:

    Oh, my… Something tells me, as your mom, that I’m glad you guys are sporting only cameras on the race track now! 🙂

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