A weekend of Supercross & Photography

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Motocross Photography

James "Bubba" Stewart - Seattle Supercross 2009 Supercross in Seattle has been a tradition of mine since 1999 when I watched Jeremy McGrath for the first time in person in the Seattle Kingdome.   He won the ’99 Seattle Supercross on his way to winning the championship that year.  Ever since I have not missed a Supercross that has been held in Seattle.  Unfortunately they skipped Seattle for a few years between the Kingdome being torn down and the newer Qwest Field being built.   My 6 year old son, Jaydon, looks forward to the race in Seattle all year long.  This year my 2 year old son, Trenton, was old enough to tag along and experience this amazing show. With my quest in becoming a photographer in the Motocross/Supercross industry, this Seattle Round provides me an opportunity to get some portfolio shots of the industry.  It’s close to home and there is not a huge travel expense.  However, trying to be a Dad, a photographer, and a spectator all at the same time is a huge undertaking.  Actually it’s more like impossible.  That is where I need to give a huge thank you to my wonderful girlfriend, Dani, for her amazing patience and help as she entertained my boys while I took some time to run the stadium and snap off a few shots.  My Brother, Chris and his Fiance, Amanda were a huge help too.  While dodging the ever annoying Qwest Field staff, who feel the need to harass every person with a “professional” lens and no media pass, I was able to get only very few angles of the track.  It was certainly not my best performance but at least I have a few pieces to show some magazines.  

On Sunday,  Mr. Brian Robinette, a photographer who has established himself very well on the Supercross circuit, joined Eldad Efendi and I up in Bellingham for our bi-weekly Sunday shoot.  Brian was in town from southern California to cover the Seattle Supercross.  He wanted to see the beautiful Northwest scenery and shoot a bit of landscape photography.   Our Sunday shoot turned into about 12 hours of B.S.ing about photography and the motocross industry and about 20 minutes of shooting.  Because if we are not shooting photos, we are at least talking about them!  Thanks again to Brian and Eldad for a fun day of talking & shooting photography.


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