The book has landed…. finally!!

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Photography

Light Captured With a Unique Eye - @008

I have finally put the final touches on my 2008 book and sent it off for publishing.  It is titled “Light Captured With a Unique Eye – 2008”.  This is a collection of all of my favorite images that I captured during 2008.  It’s an impressive 13″x11″ portfolio style publication containing 150 images on 140 pages.  It will be an amazing tool for showing my work to others who seek intrest.   I’m struck at how truely exilerating it is to see a years worth of hard work and learning in actual form as a showcase of my photography.   It truly feels like an accomplishment to have something to show for all the time and hard work I have put into my photography in the past year.  Those who are interested, can preview the book by clicking on the image above.  For anyone interested in purchasing a book for their coffee table, I have offered it to the public at my cost for printing.  It is rather expensive to print these one at a time.  

– Enjoy


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