Is it Winter or is it Spring?

Posted: March 20, 2009 in Photography

Friday 3.20.09 – Today was an interesting day for weather.  It started out mostly rainy and with no sign of any good light to start the weekend off with a nice Friday evening shoot.  At 3 pm the clouds broke and a huge clearing opened up. It looked as if the clouds were leaving and it was going to be clear sailing into the weekend. 

Hold the phones… mother nature had other plans.  Within 20 minutes the west was black with a wall of clouds and the winds were blowin’ – HARD!  Then all at once those black clouds opened up and dumped one of the hardest down pours that I think I’ve seen around here.  It was completely socked in with rain!  So much for getting out in some sunshine… I thought this day was OVER!  Uh… but wait, it IS March.  I almost forgot. 

Not to worry, the down pour only lasted for about a minute or two and the sun was on it’s way back out.  I think we are at that point where mother nature isn’t ready to give up her winter and move onto spring.

I wanted to see what kind of stuff she was sturring up out in the Puget Sound, so after work I headed to the Chuckanut shoreline for some one on one time with myself, my camera and mother nature. 

Here’s what I got…

Sunset Wall

The bank of clouds to the east never really moved their way out.  They kind of lingered around to make really awesome  back drop while they opened up to the west and provided light on my subject.

Blurry Spray

I went for the dark and stormy look on the following image.

End of the storm

The sun set nicely while the Puget Sound was still turning from the crazy weather that moved through just hours before.

They Came Crashing In

Chuckanut Sunset 

I will be posting more pictures from this weekend soon.  For our Sunday shoot we went up to Baker Lake and go some wierd stump pictures – you’ll see what I mean when you see the pictures.  Check back soon for those.  I experimented with some exposure bracketing so I have some post work to do. 

– Chad

  1. Eldad says:

    Very nice.. i like the first image a lot… job well done..

  2. Chris says:

    def like the the sunset pics, the water looks killer!

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