another weekend of shooting…

Posted: March 12, 2009 in Photography

           So this last weekend was MY weekend for shooting. All week long I was lookin’ forward to the weekend. By Friday, the weather people had been predicting a moderate winter storm with 3-5 inches of snow at sea level and more in the mountains. Usually that means for bad shooting conditions. I guess I was just looking forward to see what kind of opportunities the weather would bring me. When Friday quitin’ time rolled around… the shutter started clicking. I shot for 3 of the 3 days. Morning noon and night. And never have I been so happy and ecstatic about a group of pictures from one weekend’s worth of shooting. Over the 3 days, I had the opportunity to shoot one on one with 3 of my most favorite people to shoot with, my Dad, Brad Fisher, and Eldad Efendi. Friday night after work, I shot with Eldad under the stars up at Mount Baker Ski area. That is where I captured the amazing shot of Mount Shuksan on a 30 second shutter opening.

Mount Shuksan, Washington

          The weather was amazing with absolutely minimal clouds. The stars were out with enthusiasm and the air was so fresh and crisp. Winter storm??? BIIIIIIIGGGGG STORM!! Yeah right.

          On Saturday, my Dad and I set out before the sun had risen. We headed for the hills where we hiked our way down into a canyon and shot in the raging waters of the Nooksack River. We shot in blowing snow, rain and even sun. And sometimes it was happening all at the same time. We saw dams, mudslides and mini waterfalls.






                Saturday afternoon I met up with Brad for a mini road trip down to the apple store in Alderwood. Naturally we packed our camera gear because you never know what your gonna get! By the time we reached Mount Vernon, the sun beaming through the clouds across the farm lands of Skagit County got the best of us and before we knew it, we were off the freeway and standing in the middle of a wild life preserve. We had sun shine with amazing broken clouds that resembled huge puffy cotton balls racing through the sky due to the raging wind that was blowing in off the water.  Look closely in the black and white shot and you will notice the moon very small shining out of the clouds. 

Here is a similar shot in color.



             As we were shooting these clouds toward the east, I was telling Brad my desire to someday get some shots of sun rays beaming through the clouds. Not more than 2 minutes later Brad catches my attention to turn around and look at the amazing sun rays shooting through the huge front of clouds that was instantly forming on the west horizon. I was presented with an amazing opportunity to get my sun ray shots! The rays danced across the water as I shot.




           The next thing we knew the sky was turning black and this massive front of clouds came barging in over the top of us. We could see sheets of hail coming toward us. I quickly snapped off a series of shots of this “thing” coming at us.  



                 In the shot that you will see of Brad standing at his tripod, you can see the motion of the hood on his jacket blowing in the crazy wind. Also, notice that there is no more sunshine!!! Chased away be the weather, we were soon in the car headed down I-5 in a snow blizzard. We thought our day of shooting was done for sure. That was until we got 10 miles down the freeway to Marysville and the sun was back out again to greet us with a sunset. We jumped off the freeway once again and quickly hunted down a spot on the water.


              Sunday morning, Eldad showed up at my door step at twenty after six, camera in tow and ready to go. We flew out to Lake Terrell in Ferndale for a sunrise. There was no wind making for a wonderful reflection on the water. Clouds were broken and textured making for wonderful light. The many birds that land on the lake and the surrounding area made for very peaceful soundtrack while we captured our light.

                  Once we felt our sunrise was all used up we headed into the county to see what we could see. We came across barns with fences and fences with barns, roads with trees and clouds.


             One of my favorite shots of the weekend ended up being one of the old building on a small hill surrounded by an orchard of dilapidated fruit trees.

             From there we moved into the hills to hit up some of the broken-cloud light along with some snow and flowing river water. Looking for that wintery scene! We definitely found what we were looking for just a few miles below the ski area. Beside sending my iPhone for a swim into the Nooksack river and ruining it, the shooting went really good and some great shots came out of it.









             What an amazing weekend of shooting. Even though the HUGE storm never hit, we got a little of everything. For the first time ever, I came home with a camera full of pictures that were so good right out of the camera that I didn’t have to spend hours upon hours of adjusting and processing and tweaking to get something to look descent. Seriously, all I had to do was a few histogram adjustments here and there. All of the colors you see are directly out of the camera. No over-cranking of saturations. I hope you all enjoy checking out the light that I captured along the way while on my mini adventures from this weekend. I would strongly encourage everyone to visit the gallery of these shots on and browse the High Resolution Images. They are full of wonderful detail.  Also prints are available on the site.  Thanks for looking.

– Chad


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